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3pc Electronic Point Brass Dart Kits


Product Description

Fun to turn and even more fun to play with. These attractive Electronic Point Brass Dart Kits kits include black anodized aluminum shafts, gold flights and beautifully machined solid brass nose and tail fittings so they'll look and fly great. Very easy to make -- the barrel is turned using the material of your choice on a single 7mm tube. A filler is provided with each kit allowing you to build a dart weighing from 12 to 22 grams.Includes electronic (plastic) points. All kits are sold in sets of 3 complete darts with detailed instructions.Nose and tail fittings accept standard 2ba points and shafts.


Finish:  Brass

Tubes:  1

How to Turn:  Pen Mandrel

Drill Bit Sizes Used:  7mm Drill Bit

Skill Level:  Easy  

Recommended Blank Size:  1/2" x 2"

Compatible Tube Sizes:  7mm 

Bushings Needed:  Item #PKM-BUSH3