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KITCHEN Stemware and Wire Bottle Storage

by Kitchen

WR30-2ALD, Finish- Alder, Width- 24", Height- 30"

WR30-2MP, Finish- Maple, Width- 24", Height- 30" 

WR30-20K, Finish- Oak, Width- 24", Height- 30" 

WR45-2ALD, Finish- Alder, Width- 25", Height- 45"

WR45-2MP, Finish- Maple, Width- 25", Height- 45"

WR45-20K, Finish- Oak, Width- 25", Height- 45"

WR48-2ALD, Finish- Alder, Width- 36", Height- 48"

WR48-2MP, Finish- Maple, Width- 36", Height- 48"

WR48-20K, Finish- Oak, Width- 36", Height- 48"

Can be cut to size, Beveled mouldings with routed face, Mouldings are 7/16" Thick X 3/4"

Wide, 3-3/4" X 3-3/4" bottle openings, Solid wood is sanded and can be finished to

match the application, Sold by the piece