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Free US Shipping On Orders $100+

Naples Handle by Element

SKU 136-PC
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Elements Naples Handles and Knobs for bathroom or kitchen cabinets, dressers, and cupboards.

Available in Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome, Matte Black, Brushed Gold, and Satin Bronze finishes.

Handle specs:
Available in 15 sizes.

3" CC (Boring)
156mm Long

96mm CC (Boring)
156mm Long

128mm CC (Boring)
176mm Long

128mm CC (Boring)
206mm Long

160mm CC (Boring)
220mm Long

192mm CC (Boring)
272mm Long

224mm CC (Boring)
304mm Long

256mm CC (Boring)
336mm Long

288mm CC (Boring)
368mm Long

319mm CC (Boring)
399mm Long

416mm CC (Boring)
496mm Long

480mm CC (Boring)
560mm Long

544mm CC (Boring)
624mm Long

640mm CC (Boring)
720mm Long

673mm CC (Boring)
763mm Long