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3 Quick Wood Furniture Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

3 Quick Wood Furniture Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

Unfortunately, not every homeowner is aware of how to care for wood furniture properly. As a result, beautiful tables, cabinets, and other surfaces lose their shine over time. Luckily, you don’t have to go through a rigorous training course to learn the ropes of proper wood care. Keep reading to discover three quick wood furniture maintenance tips everyone should know.

Dust Consistently

Dust looks harmless, but it’s not. For example, dust buildup damages wood furniture surfaces over time, scratching your formerly beautiful tables or countertops. The best plan of attack is to create a consistent schedule for when you’ll inspect wood furniture for dust buildup. Dusting is easy and makes a significant impact on wood furniture quality. Plus, dust on living room tables is easy to see. However, dust collecting on cabinets is unnoticeable unless you go looking for it.

Remove Stains

One of the great things about having a consistent cleaning schedule is that it allows you to take a long, close look at your furniture. As a result, you can swiftly find sticky spots, oily marks, and other unseemly stains. That said, how exactly do you clean wood furniture stains? Leave the all-purpose sprays and other cleaning solutions in the cabinet. With wood furniture, all you need is a rag, mild detergent, and warm water.

Mix the water and detergent, dipping the rag into the concoction afterward. Then, wring the towel until it’s almost totally dry. Once that’s ready, carefully rub the dirty area with the rag. Finally, use a dry rag to wipe up any remaining residue. Remember that even great furniture can accrue stains.

For instance, we carry wooden table legs for sale that look elegant. But without upkeep, stains can hinder their appearance. Thankfully, with a consistent cleaning schedule and quick reactions to accidental spills, you can keep furniture looking brilliant for a long time.

Protect Surfaces

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make with wood furniture is not considering the effects of moisture and heat. More specifically, the issue is exposing the wood to drinks and hot objects. But it’s not too difficult to prevent these things from doing damage. For instance, using drink coasters ensures unattractive rings don’t ruin table surfaces.

Likewise, hot plates, bowls, and cups cause large white stains to form on wood décor. One of the best ways to stop hot plates or bowls from wreaking havoc is using placemats. Among the quick wood furniture maintenance tips that everyone should know, this is the easiest to complete.

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