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Build Outdoor Furniture That Last

Build Outdoor Furniture That Last

Outdoor furniture is a staple for many who enjoy relaxing in the great outdoors. There are many styles and types of outdoor furniture that you can purchase, but if you are handy, chances are you will be building your own. 

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 I was recently talking to someone that asked the question of "how to build furniture that does not rot or warp". I am always surprised by this question as when thinking of outdoor furniture I automatically picture poly furniture which doesn't rot or crack. I attribute my natural gravitation to poly furniture to the many local Amish customers who specialize in outdoor furniture, as that is what they all primarily build their fine outdoor furniture out of. 

(learn more about the amish here)

For those not familiar with poly lumber, it is a HDPE product which means it will not decay and should not warp if properly constructed. The benefits to using poly lumber go well beyond just the long lasting quality that can hold up against the elements. These benefits include no maintenance, fully recyclable material, and the color options that don't ever need to be refinished unlike the traditional stained lumber options.

If you are planning to build outdoor furniture that will last for many years I highly recommend using poly lumber.  




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