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How To Use An Acrylic Router Template

To use an acrylic router template, you will need the following materials:

  1. Acrylic router template
  2. Router
  3. Router bit
  4. Double Sided Template Tape
  5. Wood Workpiece

Before you begin, make sure that the router bit is sharp and properly installed in the router. A dull or improperly installed bit can cause the bit to burn the wood you are using, or the router may vibrate excessively and may result in an inaccurate cut or even injury.

To secure the acrylic router template to the workpiece, you will need to use double sided template tape. Place the tape around the edges of the template, making sure that the template is firmly attached and will not move during the routing process.

Next, adjust the cutting depth of the router so that it will cut through the thickness of both the acrylic template and the workpiece. This is important because an incorrect cutting depth can result in an uneven or inaccurate cut. 

Once everything is set up, you can turn on the router and carefully guide it along the edge of the acrylic template. Make sure to keep a firm grip on the router and to follow the contours of the template closely. You may need to make multiple passes to achieve the desired shape. 

As you work, keep in mind that the router bit will generate a lot of heat and debris, so it is important to use caution and to wear appropriate protective equipment such as safety glasses and earplugs.

After you have finished routing, turn off the router and remove the acrylic template from the workpiece. You should now have a workpiece with the desired shape.

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