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Free US Shipping On Orders $750+

Router Templates

Router templates are the new up and coming thing in the woodworking world and for good reason. Router templates are a great way to create unique precise cuts every time. The ease of use and quality of these new templates are among the many reasons people are using them.

Getting started using our router templates you will need the following things:

  1. Purchase a router template you would like to try.
  2. Double sided template tape (to attach template to workpiece)
  3. Router (We carry these)
  4. Router Bits (We like Amana tools router bits)
  5. Work Piece 

Once you have your router template and tools needed, you are ready to get started. Attach the template to your work piece using double sided template tape, select the correct sized router bit for your router, adjust the depth of the router (this depth will vary depending on whether you are cutting an inlay or cutting out a handle) once you have everything set to the desired depth, work slowly making sure to guide your bit against the router template. You might need to make multiple passes depending on the wood you are working with. 


As always make sure to wear the appropriate safety gear and follow manufacturers warnings and guides. 

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