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Sjöbergs Scandi Plus 1825 Work Bench & SM03 Storage Cabinet | SJO-66736K

SKU SJO-66736K

The Sjobergs Scandi Plus 1825 Workbench and SM03 Cabinet are designed and built from the finest Swedish craftsman. With Specially developed vises provide an enormous clamping power across 29-in.

Also can be accommodated for both right- and left-handed users. The Sjobergs Scandi Plus workbenches come with a double row of 3/4 inch round bench dog holes for the holdfast which can clamp your work in a split second either vertical or horizontally.

Unique feature of included two vises, an end vise and a front vise. The included solid European beech storage cabinet has three drawers and a set of double doors for your tool storage needs to be readily available while you work. Product will be delivered on one pallet with two boxes. Assembly Required.

Specs: The solid European beech top is 1-1/2" thick in the center with a skirt of 4-5/16".