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Bear Hollow Supply | Fast & Free Shipping on orders over $100 | *Excl Hawaii and Alaska
Bear Hollow Supply | Free Shipping on orders over $100 | *Excludes Hawaii and Alaska

12" by 24" Layout Acrylic Router Template

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This laser cut acrylic Layout Template is perfect for anyone using 12" by 24" forms for epoxy pouring.

The Layout Template is designed to help with the original layout of your board, marking your cutlines and trimming your final piece to size using a flush trim router bit.
The Layout Template also comes with many markings to locate different points on the board incase you are adding an engraving or another detail.

These were designed to be used with the 12" by 24" molds.

We recommend using this Template Tape to attach our clear templates to wood.
We use this Router Bit for this template

Size: 11.75" by 23.75" by 1/4" Thick

What's Included:
- 1 Laser Cut Acrylic Layout Template