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EURO HINGES The H-Select Slide


HH-10-BL, Black, 10"L

HH-12-BL, Black, 12"L

HH-14-BL, Black, 14"L

HH-16-BL, Black, 16"L

HH-18-BL, Black, 18"L

HH-20-BL, Black, 20"L 

HH-22-BL, Black, 22"L

HH-24-BL, Black, 24"L

HH-10-Z, Zinc, 10"L

HH-12-Z, Zinc, 12"L

HH-14-Z, Zinc, 14"L

HH-16-Z, Zinc, 16"L

HH-18-Z, Zinc, 18"L

HH-20-Z, Zinc, 20"L

HH-22-Z, Zinc, 22"L

HH-24-Z, Zinc, 24"L

HH-26-Z, Zinc, 26"L 

HH-28-Z, Zinc, 28"L

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