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Impact Resistant Safety Glasses

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Big Horn 40251 Polycarbonate Impact Resistant Safety Glasses, Clear Frame and Lens

High quality polycarbonate high impact lenses with scratch-resistant coating and hi-flex frame for reduced used fatigue and improved hold. Protective eyewear with untinted lenses can be used indoors and outdoors without interfering with color recognition. Common uses for these glasses include but are not limited to industrial safety, dental industry, carpentry, arts and crafts, laboratory, painting, sports, boating, landscaping, construction, education, manufacturing, fishing, among others. From the garage, to the shooting range, to the lumber yard.

Potential eye hazards may exist in the workplace, at home, or during recreational activities. Metal or wood splinters when using power tools, blunt force trauma during yard work, and chemical splash when cleaning, are some of the thousands of scenarios that could cause a significant negative impact on overall, long-term eye health.