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KITCHEN Plastic Lazy Susan Kits, Kidney

by Kitchen

Independently Rotating Shelves Featuring Smooth Surface Area, Chrome-Plated

Stainless Steel Pole With White Polymer Hubs And Adjustable Height, Pole Features

Adjustable Shelves, Positive Stop On Kidney Shelf Units, 18" Diameter Shelves Hace 1-

7/16" Overall Rim Height and 9/16 Inside Rim Height, 24" And 28" Diameter Shelves

Have 1-7/8"Overall Rim Height And 1" Inside Rim Height, 32" Diameter Shelves Have 2-

1/8" Overall Rim Height And 1-3/8" Inside Rim Height , Sold As Complete Set With

Shelves, Poles,Mounting Hardware And Instructions Included