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Large Brass Hammer Woodturning Kit


Large Brass Hammer Kit

The Large Brass Hammer Kit is a premium kit made in Honesdale, PA. Each kit comes with (1) Large Brass Head, (1) Stainless Steel Ferrule, (1) Stainless Set-screw, and (1) of our Brass Inserts. The Brass head is 1.25″ dia x 2.25″ long. It weighs in at 12oz. This weight is before set screw, insert, ferrule, and handle. The Stainless Ferrule is for added strength. It has a 13/16″ OD x 3/4″ ID x 3/8″ long. The stainless set-screw is 3/8″-16 x 2″ long.

What is a brass hammer used for?
Brass is much softer than steel, therefore it will not mar or damage the material you are hitting as much as steel. Brass hammers are also non-sparking for safe use near combustible materials. Machinist use brass almost every day while using jigs and fixtures.

Product Instructions: Here