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Free US Shipping On Orders $750+

Lock Catches (Assorted)

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The assorted lock catches are perfect for cabinet doors in the kitchen or on hutches.

Lock Specs:

•Round Magnetic Catch (MC23)- 3/8"Diameter

•MC25-BR (Brown)- 1 3/4"W X 5/8"H (Bagged w/screws)

•MC25-BL (Black)- 1 3/4"W X 5/8"H (Bagged w/screws)

•Roller Catch (RC126)- Dark Antique Bronze finish

•MC26-Beige Magnet- 2"W X 5/8"L

•Solid Brass Ball Catch (RC125)- 1/4"W X 1 1/2"H

•Double Bend Strike Plate (MC27)- 5/8"W X 2"H (Bagged w/screws)

•High Boy Magnet (MC265-BR)- 1 3/4"L X 15/16"W X 7/8"H (Heavy Duty Construction) (Comes with
Strike Plate)

•False Front Clip (FFC12-11)

•Magnet Push Latch (MC206)

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