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Free US Shipping On Orders $750+

Turn Between Centers Mandrel System #2MT

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Product Description

Turn more accurate, consistent and concentric pen barrels with this one of a kind mandrel system. The Turn Between Centers mandrel rides on 2 centers rather than a typical rod Ð so more dead on turning.

There is no mandrel shaft to bend so your turned barrel will eliminate an out of round blank, producing a blank that mates precisely with your pen parts.


The system includes an MT headstock insert and live MT tailstock insert - each with 7mm pins (similar to a 7mm mandrel shaft). Mount your bushings onto the pins, mount your pen blank, then bring the tailstock forward to secure your blank between centers. Ideal for single tube pen styles. For #2 Morse Taper Lathes. Patent Pending



Type:  Mandrel

Material Type:  Steel

Headstock Taper:  #2MT