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3 Common Materials Used to Make Table Legs

3 Common Materials Used to Make Table Legs

Tables come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. But, of course, no material is precisely the same, even when it’s achieving its aesthetic and functional purposes. So, when you’re building or designing a table, choosing the right legs is vital to the piece’s overall look and performance. Check out the list below to learn about three common materials used to make table legs and what each brings to a project.


Wood is possibly the most common material you’ll find in table legs. Wood table legs bring a natural element to your décor, which is excellent for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Whether you cover the wood in paint or go for a more natural style, wood décor looks beautiful.

Plus, wood table legs are available in many intriguing species, including oak, maple, and cherry. Furthermore, high-quality wood table legs excel at keeping your décor looking great for years. The material’s strength can prevent various accidents at home from significantly hurting its appearance forever.


Beyond its eye-catching texture, cast iron can bring reliable performance to your furniture. Having the strength and stability to support the tabletop is essential for good table legs, and cast iron possesses both of these qualities. Plus, it can combat the elements, ensuring the table legs won’t lose their visual appeal too hastily. As a result, cast iron is a great choice when you want a table that mixes aesthetics and durability perfectly.


Another common material used to make table legs is aluminum. Foil might be the first thing you think of after hearing the word aluminum, but this metal is highly versatile. For instance, our aluminum table legs showcase the same heavy-duty performance as cast iron. However, one fundamental way they differ is weight; aluminum legs are much lighter than cast iron ones. So, if you want beautiful, lightweight table legs with heavy-duty performance, consider picking up an aluminum set.

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