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4 Hand Tools That Every Woodworker Needs To Have

4 Hand Tools That Every Woodworker Needs To Have

Hand tools are some of the most important tools a woodworker will use. While power tools are exceedingly useful to any craftsperson, they’re useful in a broad sense—they don’t have the maneuverability to make fine cuts. Unlike power tools, hand tools provide a lot more flexibility and specificity in what you can do with a piece of wood; they can help you shape the exact design you have in mind. Here are the four hand tools that every woodworker needs to have to be successful in the woodshop!

Hand Plane

Hand planes are great tools for any woodworking shop; they provide valuable utility when you’re preparing a piece of wood. A hand planer is used to pare off thin slices of wood off the edges of beams or planks. These tools can also help straighten boards that may have become warped or slightly twisted. As such, every woodworker should have hand planes.

Claw Hammer

While claw hammers are extremely basic, they’re still some of the most important tools for any woodworker. Nothing can quite replace the utility and simplicity that a good claw hammer provides. Their heads are specifically designed to drive nails through wood with ease and the claws are excellent for removing nails from wood.

Chisel Set

Chisel sets are specifically designed to ensure every cut and shape is made with ease. The best thing about chisel sets is that they provide many different tools to make different cut depths. Having multiple types of chisels will make any fine cutting and shaping an absolute breeze!

Measurement Square

A measurement square is one of the most useful measuring tools anyone can use in the woodshop. Not only do these squares ensure you’re measuring accurately, but these can also be used to tell how straight or curved a piece of wood is. Because they’re so amazingly beneficial, master craftspeople use them constantly.

We hope this list of the four hand tools that every woodworker needs to have has helped you understand essential tools for any project. If you’re considering taking your woodshop to the next level with woodworking tools and supplies, visit Bear Hollow Supply for all the tools you require.

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