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Important Safety Tips When Using Jointer

Important Safety Tips When Using Jointer

Jointers are some of the more important tools to use while in the workshop. Unfortunately, they are also some of the most dangerous tools to handle in the workshop, which means that you must take extra care when utilizing one of these powerful tools. To help you be safer in your daily work, here are the most important safety tips to remember when using a jointer!

During Operation, Always Wear Eye and Ear Protection

One of the essential safety tips to always follow while using a jointer is to wear ear and eye protection. Jointers have the ability to carve wood at high speeds. While this will in most cases lead to high efficiency, it could also lead to flying pieces of wood, which could definitely damage your eyes. Furthermore, jointers are extremely loud pieces of tooling and can result in increased hearing loss if used often without hearing protection.

Use Push Blocks To Keep Your Hands Safe

Another great safety tip to always follow is to utilize push blocks instead of handling the piece of wood. Push blocks are essentially extensions of your arms that enable you to retain control over the carved wood without risking slipping and cutting a digit off your hand. Even if you feel that you have complete control over the piece of wood you are working on, if you cannot place your hand an adequate distance away from the blade, be sure to use a push block.

Never Feed Material With Your Thumb or Fingers

One of the easiest mistakes to make when using a jointer is to utilize your thumb or other fingers to push the material through from the end instead of the top. When you do this, you are risking cutting off your fingers or getting them mangled by the blade. As such, when feeding materials through a jointer, you should always place your hands on top of the material, as doing so will ensure they are kept away from the blade. Of course, if you have a push block, use that, but a push block is not going to fit every situation!

We hope that you have found this article on the important safety tips when using a jointer helpful! If you are considering purchasing anything from a helical head jointer to premium sawhorses, consider reaching out to our team at Bear Hollow Supply!

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