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Easy Starter Projects for Beginner Woodworkers

Easy Starter Projects for Beginner Woodworkers

Woodworking doesn’t have to be difficult, as you can complete all the following modest wood projects without a fancy workshop or tools. To get the best results, go gradually and concentrate on your technique. Here are easy starter projects for beginner woodworkers!

DIY Mail Organizer

A simple DIY mail organizer is a great place to start if you're a newbie woodworker. Yes, you don't need any power tools. But if you do want to use them, all you'll need is a miter saw and a nail gun. Just make sure you have slots for outgoing and ingoing mail to provide maximum organization.

DIY Divided Storage Bin

Storage bins can often be centers of clutter, even when you’re using them for storage. Crafting a few dividers to fit your bin can be a great introductory activity to tracing and fine cutting. It’ll also provide a valuable outcome for organizing. All you need is a miter saw and a grinder to make some perfect form-fitting dividers for any storage bin.

Shoe Organizer

Clean, natural wood racks are ideal for storing shoes off the floor. With no mud buildup or scuff marks on the wall, this easy storage solution can handle everything from winter boots to summer sandals. Make one to share or one for each family member.

Wooden Bench

Wooden benches are useful for any space, and they’re exceedingly easy to build. Furthermore, you can craft them to your envisioned specifications to ensure that the project fits its intended space! All you need for this project is a hand saw and a sander, making this project easy to complete in the garage!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our short list of easy starter projects for beginner woodworkers! If you’re looking to purchase woodworking hardware supplies, be sure to reach out to Bear Hollow Supply! We have a wide variety of appliances and tools to ensure that we’re your go-to shop for any project you may be planning!

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Can you show me the process

MAUREEN - June 1, 2022


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