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Important Considerations When Selecting Bed Frame Hardware

Important Considerations When Selecting Bed Frame Hardware

A bed frame is more than just a home for your mattress. A fashionable bedframe may serve as the centerpiece of your bedroom's design while also providing additional storage space. Here are some of the most important considerations when selecting a bed frame and hardware

Consider the Size of the Mattress

Choosing a new bed frame is made a little easier if you already have a favorite mattress. You'll need a double bed frame if you have a full-size mattress. You should look at queen-size frames and fitting hardware if you have a queen-size mattress. If you have a king-size mattress, make sure you know whether it’s a California king or an eastern king, as the two are slightly different. A bed frame designed for one may not fit the other. Consider how much space you have for a bed and what bed size makes you feel most comfortable if you're buying your own bed set from scratch.

Measure the Size of the Room

A bed is typically the largest piece of furniture in any bedroom, and a large bed can quickly overwhelm a small space. Place your mattress on the floor to obtain a sense of its size. Or approximate it with pillows or masking tape. If your bedroom already feels cramped, consider putting a simple metal bed frame under your box spring to increase the amount of usable space. A simple platform bed frame can save you space, and you can even increase your storage options by selecting a bed with drawers under the box spring or shelves in the headboard.

Match Your Own Décor Style

Because the bed is the focal point of every bedroom, you must choose the proper style. If you want to create a warm, welcoming, and comfortable atmosphere, consider using a wooden bed frame and layering quilts and cushions on top. You can get subtle hardware that remains hidden or comes in neutral colors to match this. A bed frame made of metal or wood with clean, minimalist lines is ideal for those who appreciate a sleek, modern aesthetic. You might go with shiny silver- or brass-colored hardware to match the metal of the overall frame. Black or matte metal hardware can work well with wood. After you've determined which types might work in your room, look at other versions, such as upholstered bed frames, sleigh beds, wrought-iron beds, and brass beds, to see which one best suits you.

We hope this article has given you some ideas on the important considerations to take when selecting bed frame hardware! If you’re looking to buy wood bed frame hardware, furniture hardware, or any other construction tools you need to get the job done, be sure to reach out to Bear Hollow Supply!

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