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More Farmhouse style Ideas

More Farmhouse style Ideas

Farmhouse style is all the rage. From TV shows to the pages of magazines, the farmhouse style has made a comeback as millions of people look to return to a simpler time.


This is a list of farmhouse ideas that you can do for yourself. The only thing that'll be missing from your farmhouse is the smell of cattle and horses in the barn.


Reclaimed wood detailing - Reclaiming wood offers really awesome advantages. One, you’re using old wood, so you don’t have to chop down a new tree for what you want. Two, the aging of reclaimed wood is natural and rustic, as opposed to a faux finish. Use reclaimed wood in almost every one of your projects. Finding reclaimed wood is simple. There are businesses that sell barn boards or you can throw a hammer and crowbar into the car and head out into the country. There are millions of out buildings that you might be able to buy the wood from just by asking the owner.


Firewood - Nothing evokes the country like a fireplace with a stack of wood next to it. Look to use a pile of firewood as decoration. On the front porch, in the family room, or in the entryway, a pile of clean hardwood will add a lot of ambiance for very little cost. Be sure to use dry, clean wood that’s bug-free.


Drawer and cabinet hardware - Changing the hardware on your cabinets and drawers changes the tone of your kitchen or living room. Switching drawer pulls to Mission Style adds a rustic feel with very little cost. With a single screwdriver and a few minutes, you can add the tiny accents that make your farmhouse style pop.

Kitchen island - Using a pre-made butcher block or marble, along with bar height legs from Bear Hollow Supply, you can build your own kitchen island. With butcher block, you can attach the legs directly. Since the average height of a kitchen island is 36 inches, the legs and the thickness of the tops should be just perfect.  


Open cabinets - Taking the doors off of your kitchen cabinets is easy. The hole where the hardware was can be filled and the cabinets can be painted. Paint the shelves as well. Open cabinets are  a farmhouse trademark. You’re able to display your collections of copper ware, china, or even depression glass. Most people who choose open cabinets fall in love with them because they can easily access everything that was hidden behind a door.


Shiplap - Using reclaimed wood, you can create walls covered in shiplap. This loose looking boarding is perfect for bathrooms and family rooms. It’s so simple to do that you can do it right over your existing wall board. Painted white or another light color, it adds a rustic feel to any room. This can also be done easily with rough cut new wood.


Reclaimed bed frame - Bed hardware from Bear Hollow Supply helps you build your own bed frame. With a few pieces of wood and some hardware, you can create a rustic bed frame that will last for generations. The hardware is important. You need hardware that will last for years and is made to the highest standard. Many hardware sets at big box stores are made from sheet aluminum or steel. Our hardware is made from cast aluminum which is extremely durable.


Accent lighting - While not strictly traditional, tape lighting that is mounted under cabinets, bar tops, and table tops highlights your hard work. Lights are easy to install and will last for years. Farmhouse style is often made of dark wood that makes some spaces and corners feel gloomy. Using tape lights, you can illuminate those corners and under cabinets making your whole house brighter and more beautiful.

Reclaimed shelving - Using the heavy boards or beams from your reclaimed collection, you can build amazing shelves. Seal the boards with simple varnish, then use Bear Hollow Supply gear shelf brackets to hold up the shelf. The total time invested is small but will give you a fantastic, hand-crafted look. Mount the brackets the same distance as your wall studs so that you can secure the shelf directly into wood, instead of wallboard.


Z-back cabinet door - The classic Z-back on doors dates back to a time when building a door was something everyone did for themselves. The Z-back design is strong, simple, and effective. Using your reclaimed wood, create cabinet doors in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even bedroom doors that add a lot of farmhouse style. With the right hardware, the authenticity increases making the door as much a statement as it is practical.


Barn doors - That same Z-back style can be attached to a barn door slide and create a separator between rooms that is stunning. At Bear Hollow Supply, we also have sliding hardware in miniature for furniture cabinets. The right sliding barn door hardware can help you create silent doors that are full with class and style.


Farmhouse sink - A style that seems to have been brought back by Martha Stewart, the farmhouse sink is deep, practical, and durable. Made from porcelain or even galvanized steel, these sinks are “can’t live without it” items for everyone who has one. They are a statement all their own, looking radically different from the standard sinks that one finds in the average house.


Farmhouse style has been around in the US for over 300 years. It borrows some elements from Europe. It’s classic and eternal. Converting your home to farmhouse style can be done easily with a little elbow grease and some help from the team at Bear Hollow Supply for the hardware.

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