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Free US Shipping On Orders $750+
Stop! Don't buy A Fake Viking Arm Tool

Stop! Don't buy A Fake Viking Arm Tool

The Viking Arm is new to the US market, but is fast becoming one of the most loved tools available for a variety of users. Have windows to install? The Viking arm is there to help you. Need to install cabinets and just need that extra hand to help? The Viking arm is there to pickup what you can't. With its 330 lb lift capacity and incremental adjustments you can see why these tools are becoming so popular.

With the popularity these tools are gaining, cheap knockoffs are also sprouting up everywhere. We are going to explain ways to spot a knock off so you don't get scammed. 


Price: The number one way to spot a knockoff is the price the tool is being advertised for. If the deal is too good to be true it usually is. In the US the retailers offering the Viking Arm are required to offer the tool at no less than $199.99 *excluding special sales. 

Logo: Each Viking Arm has the brand name displayed prominently in the center of the tool. The logo displays "VA" with the words "Viking Arm" under neath the logo. 

Authorized Retailers: Massca is Viking Arm's US distributor. On their website you will find an authorized retailer section. It's always a good idea to lookup the company that you are purchasing from to make sure they have the correct permissions to sell. Look up authorized retailers here




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