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Free US Shipping On Orders $750+
Organizing Your Life?

Organizing Your Life?

If clutter has you down and you are considering streamlining your life, we have solutions for you! 

Becoming more minimalist can be a daunting task, and for the sentimental among us, it can be next to impossible.  The good news is, you can create attractive storage spaces and hanging solutions without having to part with absolutely everything you hold dear.  

Advice on paring down abounds.  It really boils down to a relatively simple concept:  a place for everything and everything in its place! With each item you consider bringing into your home, think in your mind’s eye what space that item will occupy---both while in use and while in storage between uses. 

Often clothing and towels put a damper on our organizational efforts.  Some older homes lack ample closet and storage space. The good news is, with some creativity, we aren’t always limited by architectural deficiencies.  Are there nooks and crannies in your home that can be repurposed to make room for items that you want to keep without contributing to the clutter?

Repurposing space can be a lot simpler than you think.

HOOKS, HANGERS, AND HINGES:  Take, for instance, the simple hookBear Hollow Supply carries many beautiful, quality made hooks and hangers in an array of styles and sizes to help you with your organizing needs.  

Tangled jewelry can be a thing of the past with our small jewelry hooks in a variety of finishes.  Line them up, affix them in an upright arrangement, or use them in a concept all your own, there are plenty of jewelry hook options to choose from.

Scarves, belts, and other items can be draped over hooks letting you accessorize at a glance.

Bear Hollow Supply has larger coat hooks that can be used to create unique hall trees and wall mounts that both beautify and simplify. 

The shoe bench is a popular way to address entry door clutter.  Bear Hollow Supply has the hinges you need to create an out-of-sight place to stick hats and gloves.  Give your piece your own signature design by selecting the right hooks to tie the whole look together.

CATCHES AND LATCHES:  Bear Hollow Supply carries a wide selection of ornate catch and latches in antique and polished brass, antique copper, nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze ready for easy installation on storage cupboards and free-standing pieces that can help you artfully tuck away items.  

Everything old is new again in the design world!  Check out our ornate pie safe tin plates and ice box hardware for ways to add the element of retro surprise to your modern storage designs!

SHELVING:  Not to be overlooked in your quest for simplifying and organizing is practical shelving.  Here at Bear Hollow Supply, we have custom made cast aluminum gear brackets to make an ordinary wall shelf stand out as well as offering sturdy durability.  

Depending on your particular needs, you may find our wooden bracket feet and facings a lovely touch to whatever project you are working on.  Ready for a finish of your choice, they are made in a variety of woods: red oak, cherry, maple, hickory, ash, or grey elm. You can choose from traditional, mission, and colonial styles. Check out our online catalog to find the right combination of pieces for your next corner or flat shelf design.

Whatever project you decide to tackle to help tame the clutter beast in your home, you are sure to find knobs, hinges, hooks, latches, brackets, glues and more to help you create enduring pieces. 

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