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Lumber for Your Project

Lumber for Your Project

Things I Look For

When you are looking at what lumber to use for a project, especially a furniture project I always start by looking at the grain pattern to see which boards will match the aesthetics I am trying to achieve with my project. 


If it is a piece of walnut I like to look for a board with some sapwood. I know that sapwood can be debated by wood workers everywhere, either you love it or hate it, but personally I think it gives a project character. Oak and maple are a little different, but I still look to make sure it is as usable as possible. If it happens to have knots that would be too challenging to work around I try to set it aside for a different project, but some projects are unaffected by knots, in fact knots can add a lot to the character of a piece of furniture, especially if it is finished properly. 

Finishing lumber

When it comes time to finish a piece of furniture I like to start with 120 grit sandpaper and work my way up to 320 grit. Commonly 220 grit would be more than sufficient, however I like to make sure my boards are extra smooth. I’ve always been a fan of spraying a clear poly finish unless I am using plywood or some sort of pine, or poplar in which case I resort to a stain and then clear coating it. 

Online Lumber source

When it comes to picking out lumber for a project there is nothing more frustrating than picking through piles of twisted boards that will make nothing more than kindling in your fireplace. Bear Hollow Supply now offers lumber. We offer only high quality furniture grade lumber. All of our lumber is S4S (surfaced on 4 sides)  meaning these boards are flat, square and ready to be used on your next project.

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James J Karwacki - May 2, 2022

Did Bear Hollow stop carrying lumber for projects.

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