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Tips for Selecting Cabinet Knobs and Pulls for Your Kitchen

Tips for Selecting Cabinet Knobs and Pulls for Your Kitchen

Because most kitchen cabinets don't come with hardware, it's up to the homeowner to choose which knobs and pulls to get. Because there are so many different types and finishes to pick from, this isn't always the easiest decision. To assist you in your quest for the ideal kitchen cabinet hardware, we cover some amazing tips for selecting cabinet knobs and pulls for your kitchen!

Stick With a Theme

In the same way that your kitchen cabinets speak to your theme, the hardware you choose does as well. But which ones pair well with which designs? Modern and contemporary kitchens benefit from sleek, tubular pulls that complement the streamlined style. Traditional cabinets have more detail and can benefit from simple, smooth knobs. Meanwhile, French country cabinets can go well with ornate, antique-looking hardware. Just remember that whatever look you go for, there’s probably a matching set of hardware to complete it!

Keep Finishes Cohesive

Hardware comes in various finishes, from brushed nickel to brass. While it's fine to mix and match the hardware in your kitchen, you should aim to stick to the same finish and colors as much as possible. If you must buy hardware from many stores, ensure the finishes are consistent.

Know When To Use Knobs Over Pulls

Using a knob on a cabinet is popular in traditional and country kitchens. In fact, knobs may be a better choice for many cabinets than pulls. How do you tell the difference between the two? If your kitchen cabinets are decorative or intricately designed, a knob is the option to go for. A knob is smaller and simpler, and it won’t detract from the cabinetry's style.

We hope this article has helped give you tips for selecting cabinet knobs and pulls for your kitchen. If you’re seeking cabinet pulls for sale, be sure to check out Bear Hollow Supply! We have an expansive selection of cabinet pulls to help ensure that your cabinets match the rest of your kitchen perfectly!

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