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Stainless Steel Scoop


Product Description

Make an elegant handle for this handsome scoop. Sturdy and durable construction featuring food-safe Stainless Steel and a solidly welded handle connection with a thick walled 3/8in. id and 10mm od tube. Easy to make on a pen mandrel.

Tubes:  1

How to Turn:  Pen Mandrel

Drill Bit Sizes Used:  10mm Drill Bit

Skill Level:  Average  

Recommended Blank Size:  7/8" x 3-5/16"

Material:  Stainless Steel

Compatible Tube Sizes:  Item #PKT38-8

Pen Length:  9-3/4"

Bushings Needed:  Item #PKICEBU

Extra Tubes:  Item #PKT38-8